Monday, March 6, 2017

Ghost Rider - The Marvel Cut

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With renewed interest in Ghost Rider as a result of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I wanted to revisit the films. I wanted to re-imagine them more in line with the MCU, with the obligatory Post-Credits scene, and Stan Lee cameo. There is also a cameo by the creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich, see if you can spot it.
As this was my first fanedit, I didn't keep a change log, but basically here are the major changes.. 
-Re-cut all exposition into flashback scenes. 
-Color-corrected and darkened the overall visual tone (maybe too much). 
-Added reverb to Wes Bentley's voice to make it more 'demon-like', as he wasn't very intimidating. 
-Cut out most of the stupid jokes...Good-bye magic eightball! 
-Added some swearing, to make it more adult. This is a story about servants of hell 
-Attempted to add gravity to the death of his best friend by adding in a shot of his corpse, but not sure how effective it was.

Overall, this movie is still not great. It was tonally all over the place, but hopefully you will enjoy this cut more than the original.
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DISCLAIMER: You must own the official DVD or Blu-ray to legally own this fan edit. Do not condone piracy.

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