Saturday, June 16, 2018

Deadpool - The Whole Shebang!

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This was just a quick project to piece together the various films which include Deadpool, starting from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, through to the recently released Deadpool 2.  Don't worry, the double entendre of the title wasn't lost on me!

I have used a cam copy for now as a proof of concept kind of thing, but I will replace it once the new film is on Blu-Ray. I have taken the opening from XO:W with Ryan Reynolds and pieced it at the beginning. Then, I placed the final part of that film in conjunction with the post credits scene from Deadpool 2 when he "Corrects the timeline".

I realized after the fact that I forgot to stop the music prior to the scene though, and I forgot to put the initial suicide scene from the second film back in. I will fix it when I replace the cam footage.

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