Saturday, June 16, 2018

Deadpool - The Whole Shebang!

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This was just a quick project to piece together the various films which include Deadpool, starting from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, through to the recently released Deadpool 2.  Don't worry, the double entendre of the title wasn't lost on me!  The two films are linked by the "No Good Deed" promotional short that came out between the two films.

I have taken the opening from XO:W with Ryan Reynolds and pieced it at the beginning. Then, I placed the final part of that film in conjunction with the post credits scene from Deadpool 2 when he "Corrects the timeline" to make it a bit clearer what was happening to those who may not have seen the films. 

For Deadpool 2, I used the Super Duper Cut, but I just felt that some of the jokes and music from the theatrical cut worked better, and I have replaced those scenes based on the version I enjoyed most.  This includes "Scoutmaster Kevin, 9 to 5 music, the rape whistle joke, hip hop as they charge Juggy" to name a few. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Can you send me \ link of he movie please
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